A greener future

In Invenstar Group, we have embarked on an exciting journey with the newest branch of our organisation. Vaeksta – Vertical Farming. Vaeksta is the future of greenhouses and it is based on the aspiration to become a leading supplier of CO2-neutral greenhouses.
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The project is in full swing and the ambitions are towering. In Invenstar Group, that is how it is when take on new projects. This investment will not affect our continued work as a subcontractor of steel components to current customers. On the contrary – it will be a direct source of continued learning and development, which will benefit both current and new customers.

The advantages of Vergromat™ technology

We set up the food towers locally, where there are both people and needs

Our technology provides cheaper and better organic foods

We are independent of climate and can produce on all continents and in all types of communities and settlements

We use renewable energy to create better living conditions by increasing food production decentralized

We reduce CO2 emissions by using LED growth lights

We reduce CO2 emissions from food transport and storage

We use very little water, no chemicals, and the plants may produce the fertilizer themselves

We increase the production of green foods and reduce the need for meat

We create jobs locally and a better working environment

We create a basis for food production everywhere, from simple plants in small villages to large central plants in the World’s large cities.

VAEKSTA is unique

Ground operated automated technology

Flexible solutions allowing you to grow various crops and plants and to adjust the equipment

Improved safety and working conditions

It’s plug-and-play ready-grow factories

No glass at all; it is all thermo-houses

We use renewable energy, and we convert offshore wind and solar energy into the low-energy-consumption perfect LED growth-light

We provide capacity from 75 to 10000 m2 growth area per unit

We establish new CO2-neutral organic farmland anywhere in the World

Prefabricated, modularized design

Cost effective solutions driving down operation and energy costs

Own supply chain and logistics out of our factory in Vietnam

We stay with you, before, during and after installation.

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