About Invenstar

About Invenstar

Supplier of steel components to global companies

Invenstar was founded in 2005 by Aage Starup. Aage is a trained blacksmith and mechanical engineer, and ever since the company was founded, Invenstar has, among other things, been a subcontractor to some of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers. Production is located in Vietdan, Vietnam. We have 120 skilled employees in Vietdan. Our customers include international companies such as Vestas, Actulux, Max Bögl and Hydac. These are all customers who have high demands when it comes to quality and accuracy. Since its establishment in 2005, Invenstar has grown to become a global company with offices in Vietnam, Denmark, Spain and Australia.


Employees around the world


Metre square production hall in Vietnam


Metre square warehouse in Denmark


Tons of processed steel delivered to customers in 2020

Our approach

Knowledge, flexibility, dialogue and foresight

At Invenstar, we believe that knowledge and curiosity is what drives us forward. We supply metal parts and steel components to a constantly developing industry with high demands when it comes to quality and precision. This forces us to think ahead so that we are always up to date with the latest science and technology.

Our company’s structure, with production in Vietnam and a Danish management, is only possible because we are flexible and service-minded. We are determined that our unique structure will never be an obstacle for our customers. That is why we invest a lot of time in maintaining an ongoing dialogue. It is this dedication that our customers recognise and that allows us to build lasting relationships with them.

Our values

Our values are based on the following statements

* We never reach our goals

* We are flexible

* We are driven by knowledge

* We are passionate about what we do

It may be strange to say that we do not reach our goals. That we have even integrated this as one of our values. But for us, not reaching our goals means that we will never set the bar too low. We stay up to date with the latest knowledge and technology so that we always keep up with developments. That is also our reason for saying that we are far-sighted. 

In addition, we are flexible in the sense that we can deliver to any address. No order is too small. We always do what we can to make sure our customers recognise our goodwill and flexibility. This requires dialogue and close cooperation,  and it is a necessary condition to succeed. 


Aage Starup

Denmark +45 2286 5640 aage@invenstargroup.com

Chinh Tran

Managing Director
Denmark +45 2029 4982 chinh@invenstargroup.com

Kate Chinh

Regional Manager
Vietnam +84 933366105 katechinh@invenstargroup.com

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